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What Can You Cook On Smoker

Aug 122017

Smoking is not only limited on meat for this case, but there are so many good things that you could for this case. I am so surprised there are so many things that we could do here. For couple years I always smoke of my meats and I do not expect to do other thing on my Char-Broil smoker. I bought a smoker four years ago and until now I only use it to smoke of my meat. One day one of my friends is coming and he brought some foods that smoke on it. The result is actually pretty great where we could smoke some foods such as fish, vegetables and other foods.

You could try to do this activity if you never do any smoking on your life. This activity is pretty fun to do and you can even do it with your family. The weekend would be more enjoyable with doing this thing. If you do not know what kind of foods that you want to smoke on your smoker, then you should really read this article. I have some good recommendations for you and I think it should work for your taste.


Fish is one of the best alternatives that you could try if you get bored with meat. Many people even prefer to use fish than meat because fish is having so many of nutrition. The best thing that you could for this case is smoking it on the lower temperature. I do not really recommend you to smoke it on high temperature because it tastes better when it exposed on the lower temperature. For giving better taste, here you could brine of your fish for around 30 minutes with your own ingredient. I personally love to use some onion, pepper, sugar, and brown as the main ingredient. Here you could just do some experiment with it and find of your own personal preference.

The process of smoking fish could be done in 7 or 8 hours depending on the size of the fish. The process itself is called as the hot smoker. After you have done brining it, the next process that you have to is putting it on your smoker and wait it to be cooked. You could know when the fish is ready to be served when you see the texture and color of it.


Do not think that smoking vegetables is such a bad idea. You would be surprised by how tasty it is when you mix it with some ingredients. The taste could even better in comparable with meats. Any vegetables that you could find on your smoker are ready to be smoked, but there are some of them are not tasty enough when it is smoked. For this case, I do not really recommend you to smoke spinach or any leafy vegetables. That is the only limitation that you would get here. So what kind of vegetables which are better here? Well, there are lots of choices here, any vegetable such as squash, asparagus, mushrooms which are good on grilling are also good for this case.

The cooking process for this kind of food is also easier and faster. Almost all of vegetables are only needed to be cooked for around 10 minutes. It is much better than smoking meat. Just do not let it overcooked and always check it when you smoke it.


This is the top recommendation if you just started to jump into this activity. Some of meats such as sausages, beef and chicken are really easy to be smoked. The process is longer to do, but it is not longer than smoking fish. Many people who do not want to wait longer usually precook of their meat the night before they are going to use it. You could put it on your oven and cook it for some minutes. It would reduce the cooking time if you do this case. Remember if you want to precook it, you might need to put the temperature on 140 to 160 degrees to make sure all of bacteria and other toxic are killed.

Other Alternatives

Based on some books that I have read, there are some good recommendations that you could try beside than what I have said above. The other such as eggs and chees are really good to be tried. If you want to smoke some cheese, just make sure that you have a big enough smoker to make sure that the cheese is not melt during the process. I have tried it many times and it is always work as long as you have big smoker.

That is my top recommendation for what you could do on your smoker. I hope it works well with you and your taste. Please leave any comment if you have any problem or suggestion.

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