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The Possibility of taking the Writing and Speaking as Therapy

Jan 292017

Nowadays, the technique of therapy has been developed into some interesting progress. One of them is the function of writing and speaking as the part of therapy process. It becomes important to be presented since the practice then can be easier and simpler to be practiced but it can help for curing some bad symptoms. The therapy sometimes becomes something avoided because of its practice that needs the great budget and the hard steps to be done. Choosing these two acts as the parts of the process can be the third option to be taken today.

The therapy is commonly needed for curing the psychological disease. The anomaly relating to the perception for example also can be solved by therapy. The effect from the therapy can be gained commonly from a long time of therapy. People must be patience to attend the therapy since it will be hard to be composed in short time. The method and the way for presenting the therapy are commonly complex and done based on most careful considerations.

The use of speaking for therapy can be found to be used in long time ago. It is practiced for example by psychoanalyst for understanding the cause of the disease. Through the speaking therapy the more specific way for curing it can be found too. The psychoanalyst commonly asks some questions and then he gives the time for the patient to tell everything. After that, the psychoanalyst then can diagnose the possible cause of the disease and then try to compose the steps for curing it.

Then the writing skill also can be found in the same purpose but with the different manner. It is similar into the practice of therapy through painting. The therapeutic painting can be found in earlier time. The way of practicing it can be done by asking the patient to write anything. Its practice is actually simpler to be done but analyzing the cause of the anomaly will be harder than the therapeutic speaking. However, this way is commonly found to be practiced by experienced people.

Both of the writing and speaking therapy can be chosen when people want the safety therapy. Some of the therapies can be found to be the extreme ones and that can give the bad effects into the body. By choosing these therapies, people cannot get any effects relating to the body but they can get the effect into their psychological condition.


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