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Choosing Best Cheap Computer Speakers 2017

Jan 102017

Each computer has speakers installed in it. The speaker does not provide good audio. They are only good for a warning beep sounds and other noise. However, if you want to play music, movies and games, you must need something more potent. The simplest solution is a set of computer speakers. The audio system using a simple computer connected to the audio jack and enjoy. Several variations of the computer speakers and the price range is also quality, more widely than ever before. It is the opportunity to test your speakers under 100 themselves before purchasing.


Computer or laptop without using the additional computer speakers is nonsense. You are not using the computer entirely, or you can say your computer is not functioning fully. One function of the computer is a means or media entertainment. The editors and songwriter make recordings of his songs using a computer and that is certainly when dealing with song or music would have definitely uses the speakers. Thus, the function of the speakers at the computer is actually very important. Unless, you do have a problem with hearing, it looks like a speaker is not very useful for you. Here are some tips before purchasing the top-rated computer speakers.

Specs and sound quality

Just ignore the specs from the manufacturers especially frequency response numbers. There is no standard method of testing for the speakers, and some sellers overestimate the specs and make it look like deserve to have. Great speakers provide a good balance between frequency treble, midrange and bass, sound good to keep her voice details. Bass is important for you. You will need speakers with woofer relatively large. Powerful bass can make our music sound more kick.

Speakers’ inputs & Audio Control

Several speakers offer only one audio connection, limiting you to listen to the sound from your computer. If you want to hear it from other audio sources, you can look for speakers with some additional input. Today, many speakers offer at least an audio-input jack for connecting to both your mobile phone. Besides that, At the most, the basic system does not have its own audio control. Hence, you connect to your computer and adjust the volume output from your own computer. Better speakers that have their own audio control, even better, many speaker systems that can adjust bass and treble levels for a good sound when heard by your Area. If no speakers are considering having such control, ensure convenient: on the left or right speaker or satellite, or on the remote control, not on the back of the subwoofer under your desk.

Speaker Design

Speaker design may not be important to everyone, keep in mind that you will see the speakers every time you sit down at your computer, so you need to satisfy your views. On the other hand, what looked stunning at first may look gaudy or tacky after a few weeks. So you need to find a simple design and simple shapes.

GX-Gaming Genius SW-G2.1 3000

Do you want to enjoy the sound of the larger bass of the music and the effect of the games you play? Try using the latest gaming speakers, SW-G2.1 3000, from the series Genius GX gaming. SW-G2.1 3000 uses 3-in. metal cones for middle voice is more alive and vibrant, and the sound that is high in fat satellite speakers. Subwoofer its use measuring 6.5inch driver unit with a reflex port in a wooden cabinet, so you get a heavy bass sound, a pounding heart in a frequency as low as 35Hz.

Individual control box makes it easy to adjust both its volume or bass. There is also a microphone jack on the control box for chatting with your online gaming partners. This unit also has a headphone jack for private listening more.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio

Speaker with life style genre, though, is not including the category of gaming speakers, but enough to make the computer users curious. The first one is, of course, because of its very interesting. Before turning on the tester is confident voice will spread evenly throughout the area due to its shape that supports Omni directional. From its design, as a portable speaker, design H / K Onyx Studio is very simple yet elegant. Not only focus on the design, the H / K also think very mature speaker wherever it is applied. Although for more leverage, placement position determining sound reproduction quality, close to the wall

Power 2 x 15 Watt, in the sense enough to tolerate a room measuring up to 4 × 4 meters, even, for a wider outdoor space. Onyx Studio comes with 2 pieces middriver 3 "and 3/4" tweeter that is capable of removing the sound reproduction quality of with extremely impressive. Besides that, there is a passive radiator for speakers of this size. It will make you fascinated when singing a song genre of dance. H / K Onyx This studio is claimed able to sharpen the sound in all ranges begin 60Hz ~ 20 KHz.

In conclusion, these speakers have a character that can rely on in all spheres of the room, even outside room. With the addition of integrated battery in the claims can last up to 5 hours, H / K Onyx Studio portable speaker is really true. For you who need entertainment in the car which only "blessed" class sound system startup or even not at all equipped with sound system, I personally highly recommend this Studio Onyx.

To sum up the article, speakers under 50 are great companion for your personal computer. They can be used as the entertainment tool for your audio and gaming activities. The two products above can be categorized as the top-rated computer speakers which can be found and purchased on the market. Both of them come with the great performance and defining features which will make you enjoy listening to the music, even watching your preferred movies. If you want to look for the best speakers, you do not need to take into account anymore because both of the speakers will satisfy your audio needs.

Best computer speakers are many out there. However, there are two products which can be considered and they are Genius GX-Gaming SW-G2.1 3000 and Harman Kardon Onyx Studio.


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